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About Me: My name is Selina Manir, and I am a Makeup Educator & Beauty Enthusiast
Welcome to my world of makeup artistry and empowerment. I'm Selina Manir, a passionate makeup educator dedicated to helping women from all corners of the globe discover the art and confidence that makeup can bring to their lives.
🌟 My Journey 🌟
I fell in love with makeup at a young age. My fascination with colours and brushes turned into a lifelong passion. I've had extensive training and real-world experience, and I'm here to guide you on your makeup journey. Whether you're just starting or want to improve your skills, I'm here to help every step of the way. I'll keep it simple and straightforward, using everyday language instead of legal or technical terms. I'll use short sentences and active voice to make it easy to understand.
💄 My Mission 💄
My mission is both simple and powerful: to help women feel empowered through makeup. I believe that makeup is a tool for self-expression, a confidence booster, and a means to embrace your unique beauty. Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics or an experienced makeup enthusiast seeking advanced techniques, I'm here to support you every step of the way. Let's explore the world of makeup together! 🎨
🎨 What I Offer 🎨
As your makeup educator, I offer a range of services and resources to help you unlock your inner makeup artist:
✨ Makeup Workshops: Join my interactive virtual workshops, where I share expert tips and techniques tailored to your skill level.
✨ Personalized Tutorials: Receive one-on-one guidance and custom tutorials to address your specific makeup goals.
✨ Beauty Community: Connect with like-minded individuals in our global beauty community, where we share inspiration, experiences, and advice.
✨ Beauty Blog: Explore my blog, where I dive deep into makeup trends, product reviews, and beauty empowerment.
💖 Join the Movement 💖
I invite you to join our vibrant and inclusive community of women who are embracing the transformative power of makeup. It's not just about applying products; it's about finding your unique style, boosting your confidence, and celebrating your individuality.
No matter where you are in the world, my virtual makeup lessons and resources are accessible to you. Together, we'll embark on a journey that goes beyond makeup brushes and palettes—it's about discovering the beauty within and letting it shine.
🌎 Let's Connect 🌎
I can't wait to be part of your makeup journey. Feel free to reach out, ask questions, and explore the wonderful world of makeup with me. Connect with me on social media, join our community, and let's make the world more beautiful, one brushstroke at a time.

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10-17 Seven Ways Parade, Gnatshill, London, IG2 6JX
W: www.selinamanir.com
E: info@selinamanir.com

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We Have Global Network Of Clients

Selina Manir Artistry, is a passionate London-based bridal hair & make-up artist specializing in luxury Asian and Indian weddings throughout the UK & overseas.  

Whether you’re looking for bridal hair & makeup for your registry, mehndi, an intimate Asian wedding ceremony or a star-studded fashion event, expect our bridal hair & makeup for an exuberant, flawless & glamorous look.

Selina Manir Artistry is regularly featured in your favorite Asian bridal magazines as well as commissioned for hair & makeup for the stars of Bollywood.


We Have 10 Years Of Experience Of Bridal Makeup

Selina Manir has proudly been one of the pioneers of beauty-related services Internationally since it was first established in 2012 and has since come a long and joyful way. In these past 10 years, Selina Manir has experienced immense growth and is now home to over 10,000 valuable customers who have availed over 1,00,000 of Persona’s premium services.  Selina Manir trained up successfully over 1000 students, with a complete array of expertise, and aims to enhance beauty using each and every portion. However, enhancing beauty isn’t an easy task, and hence Selina Manir has invested in multiple sister concerns apart from the lady's beauty including  Selina Manir Academy, Makeover and health needs of all of the precious clients with utmost sincerity.

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